Well-being is not just the absence of ill health, it’s an optimised state of being that results in an optimum quality of life

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The Works is a cost and time effective process of coaching and facilitation that primes people on every level – physical, cognitive, emotional, spiritual – to be their best self. It’s a comprehensive roadmap to well-being and an effective solution to the very real and immediate challenges of a post 2020 world. It makes coaching affordable and therefore accessible.

This is achieved through a process of self-organised learning, interval coaching and master classes delivered through live streaming or face-to-face seminars, within a framework that also features curated, digital resources.



Years in the making, it primes people to be fit for purpose, learning agile and ready for anything. Being ready for anything means being authentic, agile and resilient. The source of this is personal power and the way to get it is through coaching and facilitated learning.

We believe The Works is a game-changer. It’s the result of our decades of experience in corporate coaching and training, during which we have listened carefully to dozens of organisations and thousands of leaders all over the world.

What we learned is that training does not offer the kind of sustainable outcomes and long-term benefits that individuals or organisations hope for.

This is because the skills and competencies that are needed to work effectively in today’s complex, unprecedented and ever-changing environment, cannot be taught. They can only be gained through insight and personal development and that’s what The Works does.