Leadership is not a role,
it’s a state of mind and a way of being that inspires others to join us

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Leadership 101 is a fast and effective, off the shelf solution for the induction of new leaders in a world where managers must be ready and able to lead themselves and others through whatever occurs in a changing world.

Leadership 101 addresses the immediate needs and concerns of first-time managers so that they can avoid the pitfalls and focus instead on the potential of their new role as a leader of people.

This foundational programme supports and accelerates the psychological shift from individual contributor/specialist to people leader and introduces the essential skills and tools of engagement and collaboration. Participants’ real-life situations and circumstances are integrated into the learning experience, making it immediately relevant and meaningful.



The Leadership Transition programme is designed to help organisations win the war for talent by producing home-grown leaders from within. It ensures that every leader understands what it takes to be leading at the right level and how to demonstrate this to those they lead.

Each time an individual takes a step up on the leadership ladder they are doing a completely different job and they need different skills and a different mindset to be successful. Leadership Transition is a series of facilitated learning experiences based on the principles of the leadership pipeline that addresses this requirement. It empowers first and second level managers to make the necessary shift in terms of work values, time application, and skills, in order to be successful in their role.



The Conscious Leader programme facilitates the evolution of conscious leadership and the ability of senior leaders to adapt to an ever-changing landscape.

This is a transformative experience that prepares leaders who are already at the top of their game for whatever happens next. The purpose is to clear out the contaminated thinking that prevents clarity, and to begin the shift to a new model of leadership for a whole new world.

It is an opportunity to become more conscious than ever before. Becoming more self-aware and integrated as leaders enables participants to move away from old prototypes of fear, control and manipulation, and to move, renewed, towards the emerging paradigm of conscious business.



The Natural Born Leader programme is a leadership retreat rooted in ancient principles that restore our awareness of the environment within which we operate. It is designed to provide respite, recovery and reset for those who are at the helm in uncharted waters and challenging times of change and ambiguity.

It is the only programme in our catalogue that does not convert well to virtual delivery and can only be experienced as a three-day residential. The purpose is to reconnect with our own innate wisdom, through the innate wisdom of nature of which we are a part.

Natural Born Leader is a coach facilitated, personal growth experience based on introspection and sharing, and the integration of the natural order and cycles of life in ways that are relevant and meaningful:

The Seasons
The Elements
The Lunar Cycle
Cardinal Directions
Archetypes and the Enneagram.

Best described as the leadership equivalent of the alternative approach to agriculture known as ‘permaculture’, it takes a detailed look at the existing ecosystem – whether it’s an individual, a team or an organisation – and then introduces opportunities to create healthy, fertile, ground for growth.

This approach embraces and transcends strengths-based leadership as it acknowledges and nurtures what is already there while also cultivating something new. It’s remarkably productive!