The most accurate indicator that distinguishes star performers at work, is not IQ, education or expertise, it’s emotional intelligence

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Mirror has a proven track record in creating a steep and lasting increase in emotional intelligence. It has many remarkable and very tangible learning outcomes. It expands and liberates thinking from preconceptions about what is and isn’t possible. People become more confident and coherent as they learn to bring their thoughts, feelings and behaviour into alignment. They also become calmer, happier and self-motivated.

The experience is anchored in the current personal and professional challenges and opportunities of each participant, and they acquire the qualities needed for success, such as influence, trust, engagement, motivation, collaboration, inclusion, and social skills.

A combination of inspiration, reflection and creation is delivered through dialogue, shared experience, teaching games, coaching and facilitation. This wide range of learning experiences assists those participating to take an in-depth look at their self-leadership, and to create a meaningful and lasting experience.

With the help of assessments, the Enneagram and virtual and/or face-to-face interaction with a peer network and facilitators, participants gain the ability to communicate effectively and maximise both individual and team performance.

The outcome of the Mirror learning journey is not just sustainable – it’s hard to switch off!