August 6, 2020

How to Survive 2020

A personal manifesto

In no particular order but one thing does lead to another…

Have a Story
Be Mindful
Be Present
Be Ready for Anything
Have a story. You happen to the world, not the other way round. Claim sovereignty. Control your
narrative. Choose your perspective. What do you see around you and how do you relate to it? Reality is
an opinion. What’s yours? Outcome: Authenticity

Be mindful. Everything that happens around you begins within. Clean up your self-talk and tell yourself
only things that support your narrative. How much of what you tell yourself is your truth and how much
of it is not? Outcome: Clarity

Be present. Don’t look forward, backwards or sideways. Everything is always as it should be in the
present moment. It’s when we start going over the past, speculating about the future, or basing our
hopes and fears on the experiences of others that fear-based emotions hijack and derail us. Outcome:

Be ready for anything. Expect the unexpected. Be in a constant state of receiving. Lighten up on every
level. Simplify your inner and outer space. Plan to be well and do things that support your plan. Make
choices that support and nourish your mind, body and spirit. Outcome: Abundance

Vivienne Ladommatou
Co-founder of Hall & Grace