August 6, 2020

Could McDonalds save the world?

The title of this blog comes from a conversation I had around 10 years ago with the CEO of a global charity. Okay, so I was partly joking when I asked him the question, but the thinking that led to the question was serious. I had been working for both charities and corporate businesses for several years and it was clear that the corporate world generated way more profit! I’d been delivering Emotional Intelligence training for frontline staff, when I met the CEO for lunch, and he told me of the struggle with their lack of funding and resources, and their need to become more ‘business like’ to survive! We also discussed how the corporate world would eventually need to be more ‘charitable’ to survive in an increasingly ethical world. With this in mind I asked whether it could be that one day a big corporate like McDonalds would spend billions on a ‘feed the world initiative’ with healthy nourishing food – I wasn’t talking about ‘Happy Meals’ – we both laughed and discussed what it would take for this to happen. Would it take just one ‘world centric’ conscious human being in a position of power at the head of a corporation, or would it need to be over 50% of the board of directors who make the decision. Although we enjoyed the conversation we came to no conclusion.

Since then we have seen a rise in individual and corporate philanthropy promoting the welfare of others, through charitable donation of funds or time. We’ve seen a rise in corporate responsibility, ethical companies, environmentally friendly strategies and responsible leadership. All of which fosters employee engagement and generates business value. When businesses participate in such things, they are creating a positive public image for themselves, enhancing their relationships with consumers, and creating a positive work environment.

I’m pleased to say that, all though McDonalds haven’t resolved world hunger yet, companies are moving in the right direction when it comes to being socially responsible. One of the ways I contribute to this progress is by helping to design leadership development programs that help raise both the consciousness of the individual and the organisation. I am the co-founder of Hall & Grace and we provide innovative programmes that you might just be interested in. For more information check out the products page!

Shaun Young
Co-founder of Hall & Grace